Together For Humanity

The Together For Humanity Foundation has a mission to develop children’s Intercultural Understanding. The Foundation conducts workshops and programs that encourage children to be tolerant, empathetic and accepting of Australia’s multicultural society. In 2017 I worked with Together For Humanity to create a resource that could be used across Visual Arts studios in Australia. The resource celebrates multiculturalism and its importance in Art History, providing students with content and skills to navigate their way through Art History learning by focusing on time, religion and beliefs of artists and societies.
Watch a snippet of the project here and definitely visit the people of Together For Humanity

via mare

What can I say about the boys from Sydney based clothing line via mare, they are just good. Good designers and Good humans. The three founders Andy, Alex and Jasper have one belief: save the world. And their via mare brand principles reflect that ~ create ethically, minimise our impact on the environment, and produce with quality ~ 
About to release their second clothing range in 2018 via mare is a new movement towards producing cool yet wise art in an ethical and sustainable way.

Find them here:
or on their Instagram: viamare_


Cinematic Science

I don’t even know how to sum up the degree of coolness that defines this company. Just imagine the most cutting edge technologies and equipment (yes, VR included), then add three generous, talented and passionate creatives. That is Cinematic Science.


I met Jon and Ian (unfortunately Mark was not there) in 2016 at the Goroka Highlands Festival in Papua New Guinea. We were both accompanying a research team working in the Highlands on a fisheries program. During the festival they were totally generous, allowing me to experiment with their equipment, giving me technique and shooting advice. They even asked me to join them on a field trip as they shot footage for their project. For sure they have the best job in the world, and for the few days I was with them, I really enjoyed watching them do it!
You can find out all about them here:
Instagram IG: cinematicscience



Lorien Stern

I have always loved Lorien Stern’s unique and quirky ceramics. But with me being in Australia and Lorien in California, I have always had to admire them from a far. Until November 2016, when social media truly showed me its power to bring worlds together!
I was teaching my Art students a unit on ‘Women in Art’, with Lorien Stern being our focus study. I took a picture of my students’ interpretations of her ceramic animal heads and posted it on my professional Instagram. Over night Lorien had spotted the tag and given my students a motivational shout out! This began a series of lessons where my students engaged in a discourse with Lorien. They responded via Instagram, set up virtual lessons and Lorien even opened up a live shop where the students designed their own Shark Head sculpture.

About a month after this project Lorien was doing a series of Gallery and PR stops in New Zealand when she popped over to Sydney to surprise my students and gave them an in person ceramics workshop. All sixty students were taught how to create one of her spooky floating ghosts. They each met her, took photos and I think the experience and memory of meeting an artist they so fondly looked up to will last a life time!

It is the complete enthusiasm, creativity and passion of artists like Lorien Stern that made me want to share and teach people about the Art World. If you are not already obsessed with her, go find her here:

lorien 2

Bindi Howarth

Bindi and I were in the same Graphic Design (Visual Communications) degree in our early twenties and quickly became best buds as we shared our love for the design world!  After graduating with Honours in Graphic Design and Fashion in Melbourne, she moved to New York to broaden her creative opportunities within the fashion industry. Bindi has worked for high profile designers in both New York and London and is now a freelance Print and Embroidery Designer. Since returning to Australia in 2016, Bindi has worked with acclaimed Australian labels Romance was Born, LIFEwithBIRD and Arnsdorf. 
As an artist, designer and professional I cannot flaw her experiences or design style. She is definitely a profile to be watching! I always seek out Bindi for a fresh take, a source of inspiration and a good strong drink after a crazy contract! 

Find her at:

bindi 2
bindi 3
bindi 4
bindi 6


In 2013, I began working for Karen Profilio, an Arts Educator working in an academically selective girls High School in North Sydney. In 2014 Karen was awarded the NSW Premier’s Copyright Agency Creativity and Innovation Scholarship.

Using the scholarship Karen founded StreetSm[ART], a project whereby she travelled to street art “hot spots” around the world. In Buenos Aires, Berlin, London, New York and New Orleans she investigated the practice of female street artists who are exploring the themes of social conscience, gender politics, urban existentialism and consumer culture.
StreetSm[ART] utilised street art as a catalyst for social transformation and she initiated mentorship programs between active female street artists and Australian female art students. StreetSm[ART]'s driving ambition was to inspire art students to be empowered by a global female community. 

“The main focus is on creating positive change through innovative partnerships and artworks that focus on social awareness. The artists and students will communicate in the virtual world but make their artworks in the real world.”

My part in all of this? Drawing on all the interviews, photographs and experiences Karen had recorded during her research and travel, we collaborated to create an 8-part documentary on contemporary female street artists. I designed and edited the documentary to complement her extensive knowledge and rich relationships formed whilst creating StreetSm[ART]

If you want to get your hands on this badass mini series just shoot me an email!